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Q: I have some ideas too. How can I contribute?

A: This website wasn’t supposed to be for one person’s intuitive ideas but is meant as a space where people can post their own ideas (while others vote it up if it makes sense). Instead of building a platform for all this which requires time (and lot of decision making), I decided to start quick (and probably dirty) until I’m sure I’m heading down the right path. Until the platform is in order, feel free to email me your idea at [email protected] and I’ll post your graph as well (with due credit of course).

Q: I think your ideas are rubbish and they don’t make any sense.

A: These are just intuitive ideas and as with all humans, my intuition can be wrong too. To top it up, I didn’t really do much due research on any graphs that I’m putting here due to constraints of time. My assumption was that the graphs that make sense would automatically be appreciated while others that don’t make sense rot. Having said this, if you think you have a suggestion to improve on any existing graph, feel free to email me at [email protected].